"A Cut Above The Competition!!!"
                    History of CM Pulling Tires

Jeff Justice and Ron Lieding started J&L Puller Tires in 1996. Located in Crescent City Illinois
they created a lucrative business. In 1997 while Chad Mayhill was garden tractor pulling he
met Ron and soon after started helping out at J&L. Ron had a stroke in February 2004. Since
Chad had been doing most of the tire cutting at this time it was only a natural fit for Chad to
be interested in buying the business when Jeff and Ron decided to sell J&L Puller Tires later
that year. Chad and Roger Lowry, whom Chad had a working and pulling relationship with for
several years, decided to purchase J&L Puller Tires from Jeff and Ron. Thus Hoosier Pulling
Tires is born. Chad and Roger moved the business from Crescent City Illinois to Reynolds
Indiana. They received all the assets of J&L which included a tire cutting machine, the tire
cooker for hardening tires, and a complete inventory of pulling tires. The doors opened in
January 2005 with Chad and a couple helpers doing the tire cutting. In late 2015 Chad decided
to go out on his own and purchased Roger's half of Hoosier Pulling Tires. Thus CM Pulling
Tires was born. Chad has kept the goals set by J&L of producing winners and providing good
service at reasonable rates.